Less Is More

Our safety razor, with only one blade shaves right at the skin level – without pulling & tugging – preventing ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

“We created Váli because we want men to finally have a chance to experience classic wet shaving and its ability to deliver an irritation-free shave.”

5-Step Shaving System

A complete shaving kit to help prevent skin irritation and razor bumps after shaving

4 out of 5 reports less irritation and fewer bumps

Razor Bumps BeforeAFTER

What Others Are Saying

“The best razor I’ve had. Fine quality.”

Stiffe F.

“Very satisfied. Super easy to get into the shaving, incredibly nice shaving! Will never change the razor.”

Fredrik L.

“I’m super pleased! Top Quality”

Dani K.

Who We Are

We are men with the unfortunate combination of coarse, curly beard and sensitive skin. Forgotten, although we can be up to four out of five people around the world.

Do you want a close, smooth irritation-free shave?

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Eco-Friendly style of shaving, the only razor blades on the market that can be recycled to 100%