Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products easy to use?2019-08-19T11:55:50+01:00

Yes, in your first box included is a link to our shaving guide.  After your first 2-3 shaves your technique should be good enough for you to be able to finish your shaves in 4-5 minutes. Still need help? Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

What payment methods do you accept?2018-02-03T12:17:34+01:00

Currently we are only offering payments by Stripe.

Why do I get razor bumps? How to avoid them?2018-01-18T13:00:38+01:00

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs is a side effect of using bad products and shaving technique. With the right technique and products, razor bumps can be avoided and prevented. Read more here to find out what you can do to avoid razor bumps.

Do I have razor bumps or acne?2016-12-22T10:08:41+01:00

Razor bumps is when hair follicles get trapped underneath the skin. Probably as a result of bad shaving technique and using bad products. Acne however, is a result of health, genes, hormones, hygien and/or diet. If you only see bumps after shaving, it is probably razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Acne can look the same, so it certainly can be deceiving. You can even have both!

A simple household trick to get rid of razor bumps is to use a clean toothbrush. Gently brush on the area the razor bump is on before going to bed. Never use twezers to pull the hair out. The best way of course, is to improve your shaving technique, so that the bumps never show up in the first place.

Why is one blade better than five?2016-12-22T10:07:18+01:00

Big budget marketing campaigns may have you thinking otherwise! Many multiblade razors are designed after the principle “hysteresis”. This basically means that the first blade pulls up the hair whisker, and the second cuts it off. When the hair is gonna grow back again, this time from under the skin, there is a good chance it will get stuck. Especially for men with coarse or curly hair. Thus leading to what is normally called a “razor bump”. I.e (scientifically) Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

To achieve this effect, manufacturers places the blades very tightly to each other. This is bad news for us with coarse and curly hair, because now our hair whiskers will get stuck between them, and instead of a clean cut, the hair whiskers get pulled out from the root. Causing irritation and razor bumps.

Váli safety razor uses only one high quality sharp blade that shaves level with the skin, without pulling & tugging and lets the hair grow back out normally after shaving.

How often should I shave?2016-12-22T10:06:12+01:00

If you are currently facing a bad breakout of razor bumps, it is generally recommended that you stop shaving for 1-2 weeks so that the hair can grow out naturally. And thereafter start shaving again.

If you are not currently having bad problems, we recommend shaving every other day. The reason being that, if you have curly/coarse hair. The probability that your hair whiskers start growing inwards is higher if you let it grow for more than a couple of days. By keeping it short, you lessen the probability of this happening. Shorter hair is also easier to shave, you wont have to go over the same area multiple times and finish quicker.

Shaving exfoliates the skin naturally and exposes new fresh skin. With time your skin will adjust.

How can I get a closer shave?2016-12-22T10:05:35+01:00

You should prepare the skin before shaving with warm water. This will soften your whiskers and increase their elasticity by over 25%. This way, one blade is more than enough to get a close shave. If you are still not satisfied, try, on your second pass to shave cross-grain (not recommended for people with sensitive skin or if you have issues with razor bumps).

Will I cut myself?2018-10-30T20:14:42+01:00

While the blade is mounted in the razor, only a small side of the blade itself is actually exposed. Hence the term “safety” razor. But as always with any blade, exercise caution and read our shaving guide and take your time the first shave. It’s still a very sharp blade that’s supposed to go through heavy stubble with ease.

Why use a shaving brush?2016-12-22T10:04:58+01:00

If you are having problems with razor bumps and irritation after shaving, it is important that you start learning how to use a shaving brush. A shaving brush exfoliates your skin before the shave, removing dead skin cells and dirt where hair follicles can get trapped under. It also softens the whiskers and lifts them up before shaving, which means you wont have to go over the same area multiple times. A shaving brush is best used with an all natural shaving cream that doesn’t contain drying chemical propellants.

How do I figure out what direction my hair grows?2016-12-22T10:03:13+01:00

Let your beard grow for a couple of days. Feel thereafter gently with your fingers, by going up and down along your beard. You will feel, if it feels more rough when you go upwards with your fingers, that means your hair grows down. Most of us have beard that grows down from the sideburns. Some have beards that grows upwards at the neck area, and sometimes to the sides. Try to feel, not just with your fingers, but also when you shave.

Can I shave my head with your razor?2018-11-09T14:47:56+01:00

Yes, however we don’t have a specific shave guide for head shavers. Please contact us if you require help & tips and we will be happy to assist.