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  • Subscription Refill Kit

Get our 30-day trial shaving set in your first box. We’ll then ship 3 months supply of products for £30 / 3rd month. Equivalent of £10/month.

Váli is designed to be able to cut off the toughest hairs without pain or irritation. Many of us discover from an early age that many multi-blade razors are irritating the skin without achieving a close shave. This especially affects us with curly, coarse beard growth or sensitive skin. With the Váli shaving set we can finally shave without razor burn or nasty bumps. We hope that you, just like us, will be able to experience the benefits of classic wet shaving. A better shave for a smooth skin without razor burn or bumps.


What you get in your first box:

Safety Razor:

safety razor iconProvides a friction-free shave without pulling or tugging. Ergonomic handle in black imitation ebony for good grip and comfort. Chromed stainless steel for a nice finish. Great weight in hand and an attractive accessory in the bathroom.


Shaving Brush:

shaving brush iconInspired by Italian design and made with quality materials. Exfoliates the skin and lifts the hair by applying shaving cream underneath. Made in Italy from modern synthetic fibres that are gentle and soft against the skin.


10 Double Edge Blades:

double edge blades iconYou get plenty of blades, so you can always use a fresh blade when shaving. Our blades are made of Swedish steel with an extra-thin layer of platinum for added comfort and durability. The perfect balance of sharpness and comfort. Patented technology. Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, made with 100% stainless steel.


Shaving Cream, 30ml:

shaving cream iconAll-natural, vegan-friendly moisturising shaving cream, free from preservatives and artificial fragrances. Naturally anti-inflammatory and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Manufactured in Sweden.


Aftershave Balm, 30ml:

aftershave iconOur Aftershave Balm is made of 100% natural ingredients. It is light, refreshing and absorbent. Enriched with Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin E and a blend of refreshing essential oils.



How it works

  1. The box containing our razor, brush and 1 months supply of blades, cream and balm is sent to you for only £19.90.
  2. After 30 days, 3 months supply of blades, cream and balm is sent to you (fits standard UK letterboxes). 3-month supply designed to easily last 90-days for shavers that shave every other day. Rinse and repeat every 3rd month.
  3. Pause, cancel or order free refills anytime.

Read our faq below for more information.

Can I cancel anytime?2016-12-22T11:10:02+00:00

Yes, you simply login to “My Account” after your purchase and you can pause, cancel or resume shipments whenever you need.

I’m running low on shaving supplies – what can I do?2016-12-22T11:09:30+00:00

All subscribers gets one/year free refill of any of our products. You simply login by visiting the “My Account” page. After that, simply choose the item your are running out of. Add it to cart > Checkout > Voila, we send it to you within the next couple of days. You only pay for shipping!

Are your products easy to use?2018-05-26T16:23:37+00:00

Yes, in your first box included is a link to our shaving guide.  After your first 2-3 shaves your technique should be good enough for you to be able to finish your shaves in 4-5 minutes. And should you need, as a subscriber you can contact us for a live 1-on-1 video shave consultation via Skype.

You’re shaving cream and blades are free!?2017-10-29T12:26:44+00:00

Yep! That’s correct, as a subscriber you can order our cream/balm/blades completely free (except shipping) should you need. Perhaps when going on a vacation?

What payment methods do you accept?2018-02-03T12:17:34+00:00

Currently we are only offering payments by Stripe.


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Daniel Johansson
Daniel Johansson
Michael Lysenko
Michael Lysenko
Ordered my starter kit and it arrived in 2 days. Fantastic start! The products are great quality and clearly not cheap rubbish. Had my first shave this morning with little to no irritation. I am back from work some 13 hours since the shave and where as I would normally have a decent stubble my face is still fairly soft. I look forward to getting my next order when my 30 day trial is up. Finally a razor that works on my skin!
Daniel Kass
Daniel Kass